Introducing: the nimi Gallery

Our newest feature lets you share your nimi with anyone, on any screen. Watch your Gallery change as you add more photos, and display your beautiful memories in a unique and dynamic way. Make your own on the app today!

Access your Gallery

Once you have photos in your nimi trip, open the “n” menu at the bottom right, then tap on “Gallery” to view or share your own nimi Gallery.

Share with Everyone

Your live gallery link is always up to date. Open it on any device to experience your memories in a new way.

Update in Real Time

Change the cover image and watch your Gallery change those colors instantly. Watch your Gallery grow and change in real time as you add new images and make changes on the app!

Do you have a great nimi Gallery? Share it with us!

We want to see how you’re using nimi, and show off your gallery! Take a screenshot and share it with us on social. #newnimi

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