Nimi is for Everyone.
Nimi is the only private app that makes it easy to do everything: Share photos to a group, manage shared expenses, and build a gallery of thoughts and memories, whenever and wherever they may occur.

Introducing: the nimi Gallery

Our newest feature lets you share your nimi with anyone, on any screen. Watch your Gallery change as you add more photos, and display your beautiful memories in a unique and dynamic way. Check it out on desktop for the best viewing experience.

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More nimi features


The return of the annual ski trip. Road trips. Spring Break. Destination weddings. They're all back. Create memories for everyone who was there, and invite someone who wishes they were.


Swipe through a trip and watch as the memories grow.


Create notes for each other and never say, “What did he say that time at the restaurant?” Everyone can chime in and make sure no one forgets. Even if he’d rather they did.

Your Photos

Galleries on Nimi are shared across all devices invited in the trip, regardless of operating system. A common Photo Pool means you’ll never need to text everyone photos. Or get in trouble for forgetting about it.

Photo Pool

Everyone's photos are conveniently all in one place. Add new photos and look at them any time.

Upload pictures

Everyone on the trip can add photos to the Photo Pool and anyone on the trip can download them to curate their own galleries.

Trip backgrounds

Each added photo is color-mined to create new, beautiful background themes. It helps making memories that much more fun and frameable.

Shared Expenses

The real currency of getting together is the priceless memories we create. That said, Nimi tracks expenses to make sure those memories are more the focus than the money.

Manage the money

Any time someone pays for something, they can just add the expense to Nimi and tag whoever was there. That person is assigned a share of that expense. Kid portion? Wine sipper? Fraction a share. Then watch Nimi track the tally and you can forget about it.

All in one place

Anyone on the trip can see up to the minute expenses. No one needs to keep crumpled receipts in bathing suit pockets or fill their phone with photos of the check.

Settle up

At the end of the trip, everyone knows who owes what and where to pay. Someone chose to buy a round? Just delete the expense. Nimi reconciles everything immediately.

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We're already working on adding video, in-app chat, and partnerships with photobook publishers. What else will make nimi better? Submit a ticket and we'll add it to the build.